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Giraffe UVC Sterilizer Box - SBU 880

"Assist in Reducing Health Risks Caused by Bacteria, Fungi, Molds & Viruses Application : Home & Office Use (Ideal for personal items like car/house keys, coins, bills, face masks, sunglases, wallets, make-up brushes, baby accessories etc) Sanitizing Power: 2W ; Input Voltage: 5V/ 1a; Wavelength: 280 nm; Safety Control: Magnetic Induction Switch; Dimension: 180 x 105 x 55mm (1liter space) Weight 540g; Rated Power 2W; Sterilization Time: 5 mins; Clean Storage Function : Sterlization cycle every 10 hours; Auto Mode: Every 5 mins sterilization when the cover is closed. Warranty: 6 Months"
Manufacturer: Giraffe
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